MEET Olivia, goes by Liv or Cece, loves fashion, pasta, her puppy Zions, and grew up in the ocean state, Rhode Island. She started dance at three years old, and performed as a competitive dancer, ultimately winning two national titles as a soloist. Olivia’s lust for life and performing led her to move to NYC all on her own, to  attend the prestigious Pace University Commercial Dance Program. It was here she trained for four years in all forms of dance, singing and acting, choreography, pedagogy, and received her BFA in Commercial Dance, Olivia immediately started working upon graduating, and can be seen dancing on Saturday Night live with Miley Cyrus, Apple TV’s Lady in the Lake with Natalie Portman, for the Hyundai Genesis car reveal, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade! As of last year, you can catch Olivia Dancing and singing in Nickelodeon’s & Paramount + new movie “Blue’s Big City Adventure,” and Disney’s new movie “Better Nate Than Ever!” Olivia also has a huge love for theatre, and has performed in the first national tour of the broadway show, “Charlie and the chocolate factory” as Veruca Salt/ Ensemble, and was original cast in the first national tour of “ The Prom” broadway, as Kaylee! Olivia’s most recent credits include the workshop of Andy Blankebuehler’s new show “ Only Gold,” and making her BROADWAY DEBUT in “Moulin Rouge The Musical” in New York City! Olivia has hopes to keep soaring, creating, telling stories through dance, and most importantly inspiring the next generation of dancers! Olivia is thrilled to take her passion and love for dance and design, and mesh the two world’s together into the very seams of these pieces. 

About this drop!

80’s, edgy, vibrant, a statement! Olivia has always loved many trends from the 80s, mainly because it was loud, bold, and unapologetically different from other trends. Olivia likes to find that authenticity and uniqueness in her dancing. “ As a dancer, I never worried about what other people thought.” My confidence in my individuality and fire used to scare some people, people actually told me that! But I never let anyone get in the driver seat of my car! My passion and confidence always took me where I needed to be! So I wanted to create a line that mimicked that! Someone once told me that when they saw how I showed up to class or rehearsal, it inspired them to want to show up for themself differently. A mother I danced with on a job, came in one day with a bright pink two piece set on, and thanked me for reminding her she can still show up in a hot pink set, and feel good about herself. That stuck with me, we all have the right to show up the way we deserve to show up! Boldly and authentically ourselves! That allows for us to do our best and truest work as artists! I hope you find pieces in this line that do the same for YOU! Please tag us on instagram and show us you rocking your favorite look from the line!!