Self Love! #nationallovingday


What is the definition of self love? Simply, a regard for one’s own well being and happiness, not considered narcissistic, but rather a desirable. 

Self Love, is not just feeling good about yourself from time to time.  It is a genuine appreciation for yourself in the good and in the bad times.  It’s about acceptance of your negatives, in the same manner as you do your positives.  This is truly easier said than done.  I personally was raised to not accept any negative attributes about myself and furthermore, consider them weaknesses.  This leads to a bashing and disapproval of myself when I have failed, or are under performing in any aspect of life.  But lets be completely honest with ourselves.  I personally make mistakes daily, some are small and easily correctable and others cost money, time, emotional and physical stress.  So why not take a different approach to our weaknesses and failures?  An approach of self acceptance and compassion.  One that allows for growth and evolves as we experience life.    

Do you ever find yourself being kinder to a stranger or friend, than you are to yourself when making mistakes?  I certainly have, I have allowed people to be late on deliverables, miss important dates, failed to be there for me when I needed them most.  So why not extend that same understanding and kindness to yourself?  I have found through my quest of self evolvement and growth, that when I accept my weaknesses, I can overcome them quicker, and I’m more emotionally resilient to stress and disappointment.  This in turn allows for a happier day to day life, and a more grateful heart.  

So how do we learn to love ourselves more?

One way to start, is to take more care of yourself physically.  By eating a balanced and nutritious diet.  Start exercising and getting adequate sleep.  Act with a child like enthusiasm as often as possible, and have healthy social interactions.  This will definitely get you on tract to a more aware and authentic you.

Secondarily, take time for yourself without your phone or distractions.  Meditation is my personal go to.  I use mindful meditation, thru guided readings that can range from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on my day.  I do it to create space and destress.  I do it early in the morning before my day gets started, because the rest of the day consists of a million emails, texts, and calls, so being away from my phone can create anxiety.  

I use this time to myself, to be aware of my feelings, my thoughts and my desires.  I’m a huge believer of practicing gratefulness even for my hardships.  This allows me to see them in a more positive light and find outside the box solutions.  I am 100% a believer that hardship and failure is the Universe chipping away to reveal the most authentic you.  So embrace them and overcome them.   

Thirdly, forgive yourself and others.  This will allow you to keep an open heart and have a more positive approach to relationships and everyday life.  

Lastly, set boundaries and limits to interactions, work, and relationships that deplete you or bring harm physically, emotionally or spiritually.  This will strengthen how you see yourself and in turn you will experience more self love.  

I wish you all much love and light everyday! Now, go give yourself a HUG!


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