How Can Movement Help You Grow Physically, Mentally and Spiritually?

For me Movement is Life! When I have been at my worst moments, I have chosen to get up and physically move towards making a change.  It could literally be just a short walk or run.  That Action and Awareness to Move towards a better feeling, even if just for a short period of time, becomes my addiction.  To feel great again becomes my purpose.  I have tried many forms of Movement to reach a physical, mental, and spiritual level that aligns me with something bigger than myself.  Yoga, running, swimming, going to the gym, cycling, dancing or just a slow walk in the park, all have had similar impacts, if done with Awareness. 

It is easier to see and describe how movement affects us physically.  It’s the more tangible of the three.  We know it improves the way you look.  Clothes fit better, it builds muscles and gives you more strength and endurance. But, are you aware of all the benefits that happen at a much deeper and less tangible level?  Mentally and Spiritually, are really the aspects of life that I truly crave to develop.  The more you feed these, the more you grow.  Thru different forms of movement, I have felt closer to God or the Universe, than sitting in a church listening to mass.  As much as I enjoy mass, the act of purposeful and aware movement has allowed me to reach a much higher level of connection. We now know that movement and mental health are inherently interconnected.  It reduces anxiety, depression, increases self-esteem, helps minimize stress and increases cognitive function.  It literally, boosts the brain.  The key, however, is to move in awareness.  Because you cannot truly do two things at once, when moving with awareness, immediately puts you in the present moment.  Being and living in the present equates to happiness. 

Spiritually, is to me, the least tangible of the three, but the most impactful of all.  In life when we are spiritually connected to God, Universe, Source, we are in the Flow and experience true happiness.  Movement has allowed me to “Get in the Flow” and experience moments of absolute ecstasy. To be in the Flow means, “a complete absorption in what one does or is doing.”  Please note that when you are completely absorbed, this does not mean unaware of all other things.  To me it means the opposite, it’s a complete awareness of all things.  It means, truly being present with all that is with every passing moment.  Those moments when you have finished a race, climbed a mountain, nailed your choreography, and everything felt aligned, purposeful, your senses heightened, feelings of perfection, peace and connection to all things.  We cannot make these moments come to us.  We can just continue to move in awareness with the certainty that we will feel that way again.  Let’s Keep Moving into our Greatest Selves.

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